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personal stylist.

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My “Created for You” box idea came to me one day out of the blue. I miss being in a salon and teaching about hair care and the importance of using quality products in achieving your desired style. Above all, I want others to know how to keep hair looking beautiful and healthy.

A few years ago, I began offering hair product and style advice. Clients would send me a picture of their face shape and hair type, and I would send them ideas about new styles and colors that would work for them, as well as advice on hair products formulated for their own hair type.  I decided to take that idea a bit further.

These boxes are “Created for You” by me personally. Each box is completely customized with you in mind.

The questionnaire gives me a good idea of what your hair needs are. I'm able to take that information and customize hair products specifically for your hair type.

Have you ever wanted to use new products but weren't sure where to start, or if they would work for your hair? Product knowledge is something I've worked with for a long time. After doing hair for 21 years, I have come to know many product lines I trust and which ones to stay away from. Forget the guesswork. I know you'll love what I pick out for you.

Each box also includes a note on styling ideas and directions that would be beneficial to you in using your new products. 

I'm your own personal stylist and can't wait to help you get started!



frequently asked questions about

What will be included in the Created for You boxes?


All different hair products! Boxes could include shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, dry shampoo, styling products, styling tools...that's part of the fun! You never know what you may receive, unless you request certain products of course!


will every box be the same? or is this a completely custom thing?

No! Each box is custom for what the needs are of the client. When you fill out the questionnaire,  products will be tailored to your needs. 


what if there's a product i don't need? can i opt out?

Yes! You will have the chance to let me know what kind of product/products that you do NOT want to receive!


what if i don't know how to use a product you send?

Each box includes a note from me with instructions for your hair and how to use your products. No worries! I've got you!


can i request certain kinds of products?

You sure can! There's a place to include what kind of products you'd most like to get your hands on. I will always take that into consideration. 


how much do these boxes cost? is there only one size?

I offer two different boxes: large and small. Created for You  is the smaller box that runs at $85.  Created for You Plus  is packed with almost double the hair products, priced at $155.

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