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I love to be involved in the clothes styling, the makeup and hair as well as the location of the shoot. From child models to senior pictures. I love a client who is willing and excited to work with me and trusts me to capture and create beautiful images of them.  Photography is my passion. I aim to make that obvious in every single session.

each and every person was born with their own unique beauty. let's capture it!

to take creative control.

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I’m pretty laid back.  To ensure you receive the best quality work and that we capture what it is that you are envision, I have my clients create a mood board with clothes and locations. This allows me to get an idea of what you want and what you're dreaming of. From there, I can give you feed back and suggestions. After that, we have an idea of what we are creating so we can choose the perfect date, time and location.



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I am all about the hair. Some may not notice the flyaways, but I try to keep an eye out for them. I always bring hairspray and I’m always paying attention to what's going on with the hair! 


I love candid shots! Those are the pictures where the true you shines. It's not the perfect pose or the perfect hair but it may be the perfect laugh and the perfect moment. There's room for both in my sessions—the picture perfect and the genuinely candid.


I truly hope that you—my client— walk away from our sessions with a huge smile on you face.. I enjoy myself and I try to make it a really fun experience for you, too.


I’m a huge dork. Period. Enough said. That means there's never any need to feel nervous about your session.  We can all relax and just have a good time!


I’m a hugger. COVID is killing me with this one. Regardless, I truly connect with my clients and always leave with a big hug and a new friendship.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I do my makeup for my pictures?

I recommend getting your makeup professionally done. I have suggestions for great make up artists in the area. If you decide to do your own makeup, make sure to do a lot more than you do from day to day. More mascara, more cheeks and always, always wear lipgloss, chapstick or lipstick. Dry lips are one of the hardest things in the world to edit out.

Is it ok to wear white in pictures? 

Honestly, I love white! It acts as a natural highlighter for your face which helps with minimizing shadows. Cream, however, tends to be a little better than true white. Either way, YES! I’m a fan.

How will I view my pictures and how long does it take to get my pictures back?

It takes me two weeks to edit your photos. When I am finished, I will email you the link to your gallery. You will be able to download the picture straight from the link and order prints if you'd like!

Can I use filters when I share on social media?

NOPlease, for the love, do NOT use filters! I take so much time and pay such close attention to each and every picture to ensure the colors are exactly right. When you post your photos on social media, it's a reflection of my work. Filters can ruin everything! It's like paying a professional to color your hair and then putting boxed dye from the grocery store on top. Just don't do it!

Where do you recommend I order prints?

You can order prints through me. This will ensure that you receive the best quality images possible. If you choose to print on your own, just be aware the colors and lighting will NOT look the way they do on screen. I always recommend having your prints done through a professional printing company that my computer is calibrated to. This guarantees that the colors turn out perfect.

How many outfits can I bring to my session? 

For a full senior session 2-3 outfits is what I recommend my clients bring. One dressy, one more casual and one whatever you prefer. Something like a letterman jacket, a cheer outfit or just another great outfit.

Any advice on colors or clothes to avoid?

Not really, but keep in mind that all your pictures may be framed on a wall together or in a collage on your senior card or in a photo album together so I would keep the colors of what your wearing in the same family. They should look nice together.  

- kenny & allison -

We continue to use Tami G Photography for all of our family portraits. she always exceeds our expectations. She has a great eye, an artistic flair, and a wonderful connection with her clients. I was a professional photographer for many years, and Tami is the only one I trust to take my family’s portraits!